I'm not an inventor: more of a beachcomber that unearths and makes evident things that were always there. Sometimes, things that were not even hidden, but lying around, obviously, like driftwood. "Look! Here are some things I've found that worked for me ... you can copy them if you like, but better still, go and discover some of your own treasures: they're all there, waiting to be found, cleaned up a little, and maybe installed in the context of a real argument or a humane story."

Such ideas are part of our natural environment, in some senses unfathomably profound, and in others no more significant than a pretty stone or a glorious sunset.

You can find these #Shorts on my YouTube channel @patrickdailly444.


#Shorts Ballad 0.58sec

The modern Ballad, a lyrical outpouring of emotion. Strongly emotionally loaded but not intellectually challenging. Romantic to the core. Human love, human grieving, human regret and forgiveness, all have their voices here. There may be words. But here, as in the "Lied ohne Worte" the words are merely suggested.

#Shorts Downtrain 0.59sec

 It's a harmonic procedure that takes you somewhere, So it's like a train, but the direction is relentlessly downward, as each key it replaced by an even more profound tonality. Discover your own chords: write your own tune