1. 02. Gneiss

From the recording The Intelligence of Rocks

The idea that stone – or any form of iron-rich mineral, possibly with the addition of silica – can record extreme human trauma was explored in a BBC play “The Stone Tape” shown on BBC Television in 1972. Critically acclaimed at time of broadcast, it remains well regarded to this day as one of Nigel Kneale's best and most terrifying plays. Since its broadcast, the hypothesis of residual haunting – that ghosts are recordings of past events made by the natural environment – has come to be known as the” Stone Tape Theory".
Musically, the voice of Stravinsky, especially in the Rite of Spring, has become identified with the pitiless unsentimentality of nature. By referencing this style, I wanted to suggest that our human traumas might be part of a natural process even though to us they are subjectively overwhelming.